Braedan Brags

Competing in two different agility venues – AKC and USDAA – can sometimes be a challenge when you’re trying to qualify for the annual National event for each venue.  I began this year (2016) competing in AKC agility and then realized I needed to get going if I wanted to get Braedan qualified for USDAA Nationals (Cynosport) in Scottsdale, Arizona, in November.  I started my quest for the necessary qualifications in March and completed them in June.

USDAA ranks Masters-level competitors in each class by jump height.  Through the end of August – in just 6 months of competition for the year – Braedan is ranked:

  • #1 in Masters Challenge Standard
  • #1 in Masters Challenge Jumpers
  • #1 in Tournament (consisting of Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and Team)
  • #1 in Masters Standard
  • #1 in Masters Gamblers
  • #2 in Masters Jumpers
  • #3 in Masters Snooker

Also in August, Braedan completed his qualifications for the 2017 AKC Nationals.  On that day in Wichita Falls, we had 6 runs, and Braedan qualified and took 1st Place in all of them.

Braedan is definitely on a roll!