Seminars can be tailored to your group’s needs, from teaching individual obstacles to advanced handling skills. For example:


Debbie Spence

  • Solid contacts.
  • Start-line stays.
  • Getting a fast table performance.
  • Fast weaves with proper footwork.
  • Front crosses.
  • Rear crosses.
  • Sequencing.
  • Body language.
    • Intermediate handling skills (for actively competing teams that are proficient on all agility obstacles):
    • Double boxwork for learning about straight lines & turns and how & when to front or rear cross.
    • Finding the most efficient path for your dog.
    • Obstacle discrimination.
    • Lead-outs.

Advanced Handling Skills (for teams proficient on all agility obstacles and competing at the top levels of AKC, USDAA, or UKI)

  • Finding and working the dog’s line.
  • Straight lines vs. turns.
  • How and when to do front & rear crosses.
  • Lead-out pivots.
  • Serpentines and threadles.
  • 270’s.
  • Obstacle discrimination.

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