The Tellington TTouch offers practical solutions to common physical and behavioral problems encountered with our pets including:

  • Leash pulling
  • Jumping up
  • Car sickness
  • Grooming issues
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Aging
  • Concentration

At its core, TTouch is a way of affecting animals through a series of circular movements of the fingers and hands on various parts of the body. These touches, lifts, and strokes, combined with leading exercises, help release tension, increase body awareness, and reduce stress. TTouch allows an animal to experience using its body differently and to interact with the environment in new ways.

TTouch can be beneficial for future, current, and retired agility dogs. The various aspects of TTouch help your dog process information from all parts of the body and enhances balance and fluid movement. The strategic use of touches and leading exercises create a state of relaxed alertness and concentration which promote learning and allow your dog to think while “on the move”. The hands-on portion of TTouch can function as a good warm up/cool down tool during classes and competition, as well as for supporting older dogs and those recovering from injury.

In this class, you will learn how to execute a variety of TTouches, Leading Exercises, and the Confidence Course. These techniques provide a positive, no-force way to influence your dog’s behavior, structure and ability to learn while also strengthening your relationship.

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The first class will be 1 ½ hour with the first half consisting of orientation (without your dog) and dogs joining you for the second half. The remaining 5 classes will be approximately one hour.

There are no prerequisites for this class. Dogs should be 6 months old and have the appropriate vaccinations. Dogs in season are not allowed on the premises.

Class Fees:

  • $135 for a 6-week session
  • Class fees and a completed Registration Form (including proof of vaccination)
    are required to reserve a spot.
  • No refunds/make ups for missed classes.
  • Private lessons are available by appointment only.

Current Class Schedule:

  • Classes are formed when there are enough registrations to fill a class.  For more information regarding TTouch classes contact Victoria Severns (
  • Class schedule is subject to change due to agility trials, inclement weather, etc.