Read what dog owners say about training at PAWS!

Agility Classes

I wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your class. You do a great job of keeping everything positive. Not only that, you get so excited when the dogs do the obstacle that it becomes contagious to the students. Looks like everyone is having a good and time and the dogs are too! We have a really nice class and I’m looking forward to more!!! 

Nancy & Hank

Paige, Joy and I had a great time in class today! Your instruction is excellent (and you are patient). Thank you also for working with Paige and me on her focus – there was such improvement. I see the wisdom in the Derrett system, and I will learn it. 

Sharon & Paige & Joy

Thank you so much for all you have done for Averie & I. You are forever teaching me new things before class, during class, after class, in emails, training tidbits & by just observing you & your interactions with your boys. 

Samantha & Averie

First off, thanks for helping us at the trial on Sunday. It really means a lot to me that you care enough to take the time to help us. It makes me think that Shelby & I can be really good someday; it helps that we have such a great trainer! 

I know that when I was first looking for agility clubs to train with, I thought it was going to be a pain to drive all the way to Rhome from Marietta (OK) but, Debbie, it’s so worth it!!! We have learned so much, and I can’t wait to keep coming to class to learn more.

Thanks again for teaching us so much!

Natalie & Shelby

I live in the neighborhood near your home. I am sending this just to say how much I appreciate seeing folks out there working their dogs. I drive by frequently, and especially the evenings are so busy with everyone having fun with their K-9 friends. 

I assisted a dog obedience group several years ago in Duncanville . Since that time I always have such joy when seeing others get involved with the dogs.

Keep up the good work!


I really appreciate all the time you spent with me and the advice you gave me this weekend at my first USDAA trial. I have really enjoyed watching you run with your dogs, and I look forward to seeing you at future trials. 

Cindy & Lacy

In case I never told you, agility for me went far beyond teaching my dogs to run a course. I think it made me a better pet owner and certainly built a better, closer bond. I thoroughly enjoy being with “doggie” people. 

Jan & Shadow

This is Stephanie – Gus’ mom – just checking in to say thanks for offering such a great school there in Texas. Gus and I were temporarily relocated to Santa Clara, CA and have been living here since November. We picked up with a group of agility folks and this past weekend Gus won 3 fun runs. He ran against young dogs but the “Go” technique you taught us was the difference. Everyone wanted to know where I learned that so I sent them to your website. It was a small unorganized event but to win was so rewarding for missing out on so much. We have not worked with weaves but we will practice and make you proud. 

Thanks for being an awesome coach. Your facilities and your professionalism are clearly the best in class for agility training.

Stephanie & Gus

Clicker Obedience Classes

Despite the non-stop complaining about the distance we had to travel, we had to concede that this was a bargain for everything we learned and was by far the best experience in dog training we could have hoped for. You are a gifted teacher, and I hope you realize what a positive difference you’re making in many, many lives. . .canine & human! 

Danielle & Ioan

Perhaps people who haven’t done it both ways don’t realize how different clicker training is. I did traditional obedience in the past, and there is no comparison between it and clicker training. We learned more, faster, and the quality of what we learned (i.e., the “whys” in addition to the “hows”) made us better able to implement training on a daily basis. Our dogs were better behaved at home and in public within weeks instead of months. And they enjoyed training, and so did we (nothing like almost instant gratification!). I’m glad we relied on the website and took both dogs through clicker obedience first! 

Danielle, Ioan & Nino

I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving Nancy’s class! She is great! 

Averie can already do all the things we are learning so far, so we work on distance, duration, and distraction, so it is working well for us. Nancy makes it so fun, and I love all the articles and tidbits she sends us each week.

Samantha & Averie

Chloe just finished Hannelore’s obedience class today and I must tell you she is an absolutely wonderful instructor. You really have someone special working for you and introducing novice dog people to dog training, and also not so novice dog people. I just loved the class, but most of all I loved Hannelore. I wish I had a reason to take the class again… and no, I’m not getting another puppy. 

Diane & Chloe

I loved the versatility – lots to learn and kept the dogs busy and happy, great suggestions for focus tips and redirection. You’re an awesome instructor and practice what you preach (even with us handlers!) 

Stephanie & Seige

I always enjoy your classes. They are fun. It is not like an ordinary training class – it’s like game time and that makes learning a lot more fun. The extra time after class to play and romp around with her classmates and the ability to socialize with the people (who held treasured treats) was extremely valuable for her. I truly believe this after-school activity actually enhanced her learning skills. It made for a well-rounded positive experience for her. The coming together collectively at the end helped her to see everyone as ‘in this together’ as opposed to a group that she should keep at bay. I also enjoyed the added educational tidbits on the side, such as the stories of how other animals learn, making us aware of how animals and people learn, and all those studies ‘THEY” do. And making us aware of what’s out there, i.e. the magazine articles, dog shows, seminars, etc. 

Thanks Hannelore, I really enjoyed your class.

Julie & Sassy


Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful working seminar. I think I gained more from this one than ever before, and really enjoyed the others that attended. Next time you do one let me know. I have a few students that I would like to recommend this to. 

Linda, AliceN & Adam

Hope your seminar went great. I remember that is where I found “hope” for my game! I was about ready to quit doing agility before that, and now look. . .a new puppy to do agility with, and Paislee is doing so much better! 

Dee & Paislee

Thanks for all the wonderful words of wisdom and tips at the seminar Sunday! You’re about the only person I’d get up at 4am for.
Katrena & Apache
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in your boxwork seminar. It was such a positive, educational experience for all of us. 

Patricia, Eve & Boone

Thank you so very much for allowing Averie & I to attend the seminar today! It was utterly AMAZING!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned & how great that was! 

Samantha & Averie