Senna’s Retirement

It was a bittersweet weekend at the OTCWF 3- day AKC trial in Wichita Falls.  Senna was happy to be able to run each day, but my gut feeling has been telling me it was time for him to retire.  Although he still runs as hard as ever, his back end isn’t as strong as it used to be, and I started to become concerned he might injure himself.  I therefore decided Sunday’s runs in Standard and JWW Preferred would be Senna’s last competition runs.  He finished in style — qualifying and earning 4th Place in his very last run of the weekend. . .Master JWW Preferred.


Senna has had a stellar agility career.  He came to me at the age of just 10 weeks from Border Collie Rescue of Texas.  He was the sweetest pup and quickly became a momma’s boy.  Senna learned everything he was taught quickly; teaching him was fun.  In the agility ring, he was smooth as molasses to run, yet he was also very fast.

In the 10 1/2 years Senna has competed in agility, he’s earned more titles than I ever would have dreamed possible.  In USDAA, he earned 75 titles, including his Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award (500 Q’s).  In AKC, Senna earned 51 titles, including 3 MACHs and 1 Preferred MACH.970815_682141935135276_1777268890_n_MG_1797AfterRunSenna1bYear

Over a year ago (March 2014), Senna was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma.  Although he was given only 3-6 months to live, he’s still with us and still enjoying life to the fullest.  I hope he’ll be around for several more years.SennaSleeping1SennaJumpSennaGrass2senna1_CP_3243_DxO_raw013 (600x800)SennaTunnel1debbieIMG_0132SennaHippo_MG_1873