Platinum ADCH Senna!

My special, sweet, smiling, strong, sexy, super Senna finished his Platinum ADCH at the USDAA trial in Tyler on Sunday, February 24, 2013.  A Platinum ADCH requires 50 Q’s in Standard, Jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers, Pairs Relay, and Tournament classes.

I am so very proud of this boy who came to me as a rescue from Border Collie Rescue of Texas 10 years ago.  Since I was taking Senna sight-unseen (based simply on photos and what his foster mom told me), I was told I could simply evaluate him and return him if I didn’t think he was going to work out.  I knew he wasn’t going to go anywhere, but when I first set eyes on him, my feelings were confirmed.

What a wonderful 10 years Senna has given me.  After finishing his MACH 3 in December and now his Platinum ADCH just a couple months later, I’ve told Senna he will never have to jump higher than 16” for the rest of his agility career.