Braedan’s Birthday!

Three years ago today a litter of 10 pups was born.  Less than two weeks later, Bob & I went to see the pups.  Their eyes weren’t even open yet, but I fell in love with a little boy with a bit of white frosting on the tip of one of his ears.  Turns out he was the biggest pup of the litter who had stopped things up during his birth so that a c-section was necessary.

Every week after that, I went to see the litter of pups along with my long-time friend, Victoria (who also happens to be an instructor and student at PAWS).  Victoria was actually the one who really needed to be thinking about getting another pup, and I encouraged her to go look by telling her I’d go too.  Little did I know that I’d get sucked into getting a pup as well.  Actually, I should have known after that very first visit because I was smitten.

Baby Braedan is 3 years old today.  It seems like just yesterday that he came home with us.  As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”  And I’m definitely having fun with Braedan.  He’s turned out to be the most loveable of any dog I’ve ever had – so much so that he’s sometimes insatiable about the amount of attention he insists on getting.  By watching Senna, Braedan took to agility quickly, and he’s become a phenomenal agility dog who’s so much fun to run. I absolutely adore my Baby Braedan.  He’s been a delightful addition to our household, and I’m looking forward to many more fun years with my little boy.  Happy Birthday, Braedan!!!