A New Cameron

This is my very first blog, so bear with me as I “get my feet wet”. I’m thinking I’ll use this space to share observations about my dogs (who I refer to as “my boys”), my agility students, the agility classes I teach, agility trials in which I compete, etc. If nothing else, it will serve as a journal for me, something I’ve never kept before.

So here goes. . .

Tonight Bob and I were out in the field throwing balls for the boys, specifically Border Collies Senna and Braedan. Cameron (Sheltie) delights in chasing Braedan as Brae goes after his ball, and Cameron even sometimes steals it if Brae doesn’t get it after the first bounce. Cameron proudly brings it all the way back to me so I can throw it again. Usually Braedan doesn’t let Cameron get it twice in a row, but Cameron does seem to get his share during the course of our play time.

When Cameron first came to live with us over 7 years ago, he wouldn’t retrieve or play with anything, and I literally had to teach him to play tug and chase a toy and bring it back. Cam has since been very comfortable playing with me when we’re indoors, but he’s never been one to play such games outdoors. . .until just a few months ago. It’s always amazed me how the dynamics in a household change after the loss of a pet. This past May, we lost our special Border Collie, Tristan, at the age of 16 1/2. Considering Cameron hadn’t chased Tristan since Senna came along and then quit chasing Senna when Braedan came along, I have to wonder what has caused Cameron’s most recent behavior change: the little guy is actually running after a ball — outdoors — and bringing it back! Cameron sometimes gets into the game right along with Senna and Braedan, and I love watching him proudly return with his very own ball and drop it at my feet.

There’s no telling what goes on in the minds of our dogs, but it certainly keeps life interesting!