A Special Honor

As always, the OTCWF put on a fantastic AKC trial (June 22-24) in Wichita Falls. I’m always amazed at how both the club members and exhibitors step up to help in any way they can. They sure make my job as chief course builder (with Herb Blase as my partner) so much easier.

Having paid off their training building in just five years, the club celebrated that fact at their group dinner on Saturday evening. They also honored Herb & I for our support (we each got a personalized club t-shirt with our name and “Chief Course Builder” on it) and specially honored me and my amazing Border Collie, Tristan (who went to the Rainbow Bridge at age 16 1/2 in May) with this beautiful plaque. As you can imagine, there were a lot of tears flowing.

Thanks again, OTCWF, for putting on another wonderful trial. And thanks, too, to everyone who helped me build courses all weekend.