PAWS Show ‘n’ Go Thank You!

What a great turnout we had last night!!!  Lots of PAWSters *and* lots of non-PAWS folks.  It was a long night – started running dogs a little after 7:00 p.m. and didn’t finish up until Midnight – but we got lots of nice compliments and requests to have another one soon.

As always, PAWSters chipped in to help wherever they were needed, and that’s always much appreciated.  I want to especially thank a few people who went above and beyond:

–          Janie Fowler. . .who’s brand new to agility and PAWS (just out of beginners), got here early to take money and sign folks in, and brought a cooler of bottled water for folks to enjoy!

–          Peggy Friauf. . .PAWS instructor who also arrived early and did all the timing and gate stewarding for the Standard ring – from start to finish!  I’m not sure she even got a potty break!  (What’s worse is she had to get up and go to work this morning!)

–          Gratia Childers. . .PAWSter who came out just to help and ended up spending the entire evening working in the Standard ring helping reset knocked bars, changing jump heights, and pushing the table back in place after the bigger dogs would cause it to slide across the grass.

These three ladies came out to work and didn’t even run a dog during the evening.  Talk about some great PAWS support!

Other PAWSters whose help was also very much appreciated:

–          Samantha Ferrie. . .who timed all the small dogs in the Jumpers ring and helped reset knocked bars, too.

–          Jessica & Justine White. . .helped reset the chute and jump bars in the Standard ring while the little dogs were running.

–          Brandy Ferrera, Victoria Severns, Kat Nicholl-Basye, Steffany Jay, and Anne Miller for helping wherever needed and whenever asked.

–          Kathleen Coleman & Dave Fulenwider. . .who brought an extra canopy to put over the sign-in desk (which was a great help because ours got demolished in yesterday afternoon’s wind).

I also want to acknowledge some of our very new PAWSters and/or PAWS dogs (the first three listed below just graduated from beginners agility last Monday) and were brave enough to come out and play last night:

–          Cheryl Mobley & Indigo (Cattle Dog)

–          Shellaine Conant & Sketch (All-American)

–          Marlene Bean & Oliver (Yorkshire Terrier)

–          Kat Nicholl-Basye & Zen (Border Collie)

–          Genine Kelly & Eli (All-American)

–          Mary Taylor & Rio (All-American)

–          Steffany Jay & Cash (Aussie)

I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone along the way, but please know that, if you helped, you were very much appreciated by not only me but everyone who attended.

As I always say. . .PAWSters are the greatest!!!

Thanks again everyone!