Newbie PAWS Dogs Rock!

I convinced several (11 to be exact) PAWSters to get in the agility ring with their novice dogs for the first time at an ASCA trial in Fort Worth.  We had a great time, and I was extremely proud of how well everyone did.  As we walked our third run of the day, we discussed the best way to handle the opening which was two jumps on an arc and then to the dogwalk.  Handlers could rear cross the dogwalk or lead out slightly and front cross at the dogwalk.  Because I was working start-line stays with my youngster, Braedan, I opted to do a lead-out pivot all the way to the dogwalk.  Surprisingly, four other PAWSters decided they were going to do the same thing.  They all did a great job; in fact, I was so impressed that I put together a short video of the lead-out pivots to share.