Structure & Progression

Class Structure:

The PAWS class structure is a progressive one, giving the student/dog team a strong foundation of positive training that starts with Puppy Agility/Socialization, Clicker Obedience, and finally formal agility classes.

For those teams who have taken classes (obedience and/or agility) elsewhere, an evaluation can be scheduled to determine where you should start your training at PAWS.  Private lessons may be recommended to bring you up-to-speed with how we train so you will be comfortable moving in to your new PAWS class.

Class Progression:

  • Puppy Agility/Socialization (optional)
  • Clicker Obedience
  • Pre-Agility (optional)
  • Beginners Agility (Level 1)
  • Advanced Beginners Agility (Level 2)
  • Level 3 Agility and beyond